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             I am specialised in sports massage, myofascial release (trigger point therapy) and advanced massage techniques for private clients with medical diagnoses of chronic pain conditions and acute pain or injuries.  

Sports Massage:

I have a real interest in helping people to reach their full potential in their chosen sport and their lives. If you're a marathon runner, triathlete, cyclist, swimmer or just like to keep fit, then sports massage is the treatment for you. For many years I have treated sports people competing in races such as, 10km, half marathons, marathons and triathlons all the way up to ironman. Whether they want to run their personal best or just cross the finish line, everyone wants to achieve the best possible results from their body.

Training for a big event can take its toll on your body and regular massage treatments leading up to an event can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, speed recovery and allow you maintain intensive training.

Common injuries such as; runners knee, ITB issues, achilles tendinitis and strained muscles can be minimised or avoided with regular treatments.

Sports Massage will ease stiffness and pain in tight muscles and joints. Sports massage also aids mobility, increases energy levels and often improves the rate at which the body recovers from injury.

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Trigger Point Therapy:

What is a Trigger Point?
According to some of the first and most well known researcher’s, Drs, Janet Travell & David Simmons (1993) a trigger point is,

”A highly irritable localised spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a taut band of (skeletal muscle)”

Trigger points are also known as myofascial trigger points as they are embedded and part of both the muscle and the fascia. Fascia helps a muscle transfer its kinetic energy through the body. The two tissues are closely linked.

What can Trigger Point Therapy do?
Pain Relief: When trigger points are released they not only help the pain free function of the muscle but ensure the flow of kinetic energy and the transfer of movement through the functional fascial networks of the body. The result is not just pain relief but better biomechanics in the joints affected which will hinder further trigger point development.

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